Confront your fears, smash through personal barriers, unleash your inner warrior!

Embodied-Warrior OS

Learn to master the intelligence of your Embodied Operating System so that you can survive hostile mind-sets,
and are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges.


About Brooklyn

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For 90% of human history we banded together, hunted, protected,
and forged the warrior spirit. Then suddenly with the
advent of modernity that all changed. What hasn’t changed, is the
ancestral call encoded deep in our DNA — to embrace our primal
— crying out to once again invoke the warrior spirit hidden
deep within all of us.

In the Embodied-Warrior program, I will coach you through a modern martial
arts experience how to embrace your primal spirit and in doing so prime
yourself for Full Contact Living. This is achieved through learning
key tools, strategies and tactics to unlock your inner warrior and apply
those skills into your everyday life. The program is specifically designed to teach
you how to master your embodied intelligence so that you can survive hostile
mind-sets, and are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s

About Brooklyn
Fear is not something to run from, but rather a primer for your best work. Behind every fear is an unrealized success. When you turn fear into action, it allows you to do your best work with both a sense of urgency and a realization of unimaginable potential.
Coach Rodney King
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How It Works

Through one-on-one coaching sessions get ready to sweat and to be personally challenged.
The Embodied-Warrior program is a modern martial arts training program where
you learn to how to protect yourself, while exploring your full potential through inner game training.

Sessions take place either at my private studio in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, or
I can come to you. You can take take as little as a few sessions, or like many of my
executive students train with me weekly.


I am going to coach you in real world functional boxing and jiu-jitsu skills. When you know how to protect yourself, you will feel confident to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully.


To succeed at the game of life, at your career, you need a method that will help you take on the battle head on and win. My approach is unlike any other executive coaching program. Rather than avoiding the ‘primal’ nature we all experience in trying to live our best life — I show you how to harness the unique energy of your Inner warrior. Not through sitting across a table having a conversation, but through putting boxing gloves on and learning how to right hook life.


Are you a maverick, individualist, nonconformist, an outlier? Maybe that’s what you yearn to be? In either case you are going to love my approach. The time to invest in yourself is now. scroll to the bottom of the page and book a session.

Our Service

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About Coach Rodney King

I went from being homeless at 17, and sleeping on a park bench
To becoming a world renowned martial artist and coach.
I took the very same inner game lessons I will teach you, and that I
developed on the mat as a martial artist, and as a fighter, to succeed
in-spite of the odds.

While I may have never finished high school, using the inner game skills
I had developed as a martial artist, I went back to school. I did my undergrad
work in psychology, and earned a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change
from York St John Universities School of Business (UK). At the time of writing
this, I find myself in the final months of completing my PhD (My research
focus is in Mindfulness Based Leadership). I am also currently an MBA student.

I have taught extensively all over the world, from working with real life
superheroes such as special force military operators, and law enforcement
teams. I have taught at Google, AirBnB, and count top CEO’s, entrepreneurs
and emerging artists as my ‘students’.

I am an author of two books, and a regular contributor to LifeHack,
Huffington Post, Success Fast Lane, Order of Man and others.

I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together
with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at
the martial arts of everyday life

Naveen Jain Billionaire Entrepreneur & Founder: Moon Ex